Student Identification Card

A COM identification card (ID card) is required of all students while enrolled at COM. The first time students register at COM, they must obtain an ID card from the Gym after all applicable fees have been paid. After the first issue, the card will automatically be electronically validated each semester when the student registers and pays the required tuition and fees. Students are responsible for safe-guarding the ID card. Students returning after a lapse in enrollment should contact the Gym to update their card.

Because the ID card is the student’s official identification, students are responsible for carrying the ID card while on any COM campus, and it must be presented to any College official upon request. The ID card is to be used only by the person to whom it is issued and is non-transferable. The ID card will be confiscated if presented by someone other than the card holder. Use of the ID card may be revoked at COM’s sole discretion for violation of COM’s policies and procedures.

The ID card replacement fee is $5.00. There is no charge to replace a card determined to be defective or through normal wear and tear.

Found ID cards should be turned in to the Gym during regular business hours or to the COM Police Department anytime. Returned ID cards may be claimed at the Gym.

Photo and Video Policy

COM’s Marketing and Communications Department takes photographs (still and video) of students throughout the year. These photographs and videos often include students in classrooms, study areas, at events, etc. COM reserves the right to use these photographs and video as a part of its publicity and marketing efforts. Students who enroll at COM do so with the understanding that these photographs and videos might be used in College publications, both printed and electronic, for recruiting and advertising purposes.

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