Course Descriptions

General Information

Each course description identifies a course, the weekly lecture time and lab time in hours and prerequisites to the course. Academic transfer courses will be indicated by ACGM. All courses that count toward an Associate of Arts, Associate of Arts in Teaching or Associate of Science degree at College of the Mainland must be ACGM courses. Workforce Education courses will be indicated by WECM.

If students enroll for a course and do not have the appropriate prerequisites, they will be withdrawn.

The numbering system for each is described as follows, using ACNT 1303 as an example the first number (1) shows it is a freshman course (a 2 would indicate it is a sophomore course). The second number (3) shows three credits are earned upon successful completion. The last two numbers are used for administrative purposes only.

Prerequisite Information

Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in all prerequisite courses to satisfy the prerequisite requirement.

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