Institutional Goals

Goal I: Students

Student success is our top priority.  College of the Mainland will be the college of choice for our community.

Measurable Outcomes:

  1. College of the Mainland will increase Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) to 4,000 by 2025.
  2. College of the Mainland will increase the number of degrees and certificates to 1,300 per year by 2025.
  3. The average time to complete a degree will decrease from 5.01 years to 4.0 years by 2025
  4. The average credit per degree will decrease from 101 semester credit hours (SCH) to 70 SCH by 2025.

Goal II: Staff, Faculty, and Administrators

Create an environment that retains and attracts administrators, faculty, and staff committed to serving our students.

Measurable Outcomes:

  1. Ensure that employee compensation and benefits are and remain competitive with peer Texas community colleges and the surrounding Houston business community by 2018.
  2. Support employee continuing education and professional development in order to achieve and maintain a high-performing, highly engaged workforce. By 2020, 75% of employees will participate in a minimum16 hours of professional development per year.
  3. Increase community wide engagement among administrators, faculty, staff and trustees. Metric – participation rates in service organizations, campus event attendance, and committee assignments
  4. Provide workshops, seminars, and course work promoting effective teaching, learning and assessment practices.  Metric - satisfaction rating of participants, number of offerings, and rate of attendance

Goal III: Facilities

Provide a safe, aesthetic environment conducive to learning, while addressing the workforce needs of local business and industry.  Improve and expand existing facilities to enhance the learning environment.  Develop next generation learning environments using the 2015 master facility plan as the foundation. The college will bring next generation learning to campus.

Measurable Outcomes:

  1. By 2027 75% of the first two phases of the master facilities plan will be completed.
  2. Secure passage of Bond Referendum by November 2018
  3. Establish an exemplary teaching-learning environment that best serves our faculty and students as evidenced by completion rates, surveys, course evaluations, and other data.
  4. Maintain a secure, accessible and welcoming environment as evidenced by student and staff satisfaction surveys
  5. Establish campus facility in North Galveston County to address needs of expanding population by 2025.
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