Reverse Transfer

Students who have not completed all course requirements but have completed the residency requirements for a degree or certificate from COM may fulfill their course requirements at another regionally accredited institution and transfer the credits to COM. If the requirements for a degree or certificate are met, COM will automatically issue the award. Students may graduate in accordance with the requirements stated in the catalog in effect up to five (5) years prior to the date of graduation.

Joint Admission Agreement - Sam Houston State University

Students enrolled at COM may simultaneously enroll at Sam Houston State University (SHSU) through a new joint admission agreement. Joint admission means that a student is admitted to both institutions while attending COM. Students applying to College of the Mainland or currently attending COM while meeting the joint admission requirements for Sam Houston State University may then apply for and be accepted into the joint admission program. 

The agreement simplifies the transition process between the two institutions and provides several exclusive benefits for COM students including:

  • the ability to attend both schools simultaneously or alternately;
  • the ability to receive cooperative advising from the university;
  • reduced application fee to SHSU;
  • access to school facilities and sporting events.

To learn more about joint admission at Sam Houston State University, potential or current COM students may email, or make an appointment with their assigned academic advisor.

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