General Regulations Governing Transfer of College Credit

  1. The college from which credit is to be transferred must be accredited by one of the nine regional accrediting associations.
  2. Courses with a letter grade of C or better transfer with the corresponding number of semester hours.
  3. Courses that are not applicable to programs at COM may not transfer or fulfill degree requirements.
  4. When a course has been repeated for credit, the highest grade and hours will determine the acceptance of the course.
  5. Transfer grades earned at other institutions are not included in computing the cumulative GPA at COM.
  6. College transcript evaluations are completed within two weeks after a transcript evaluation form has been submitted to the Admissions and Records Office. To check the status of an evaluation, a student can run a program evaluation in WebAdvisor.
  7. All foreign transcripts must be evaluated by SpanTran Educational Services, Inc., or any other agency approved by COM for acceptance of equivalent coursework.
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