WebAdvisor Online Inquiry

Students can follow the progress of their financial aid application through the Financial Aid Checklist on WebAdvisor to:

  • Check the status of the financial aid file, including documents that are requested.
  • View financial aid awards.
  • View academic transcript.

Accepting Financial Aid Awards

The Financial Aid Office will send students an email notification of financial awards and will request that students log into WebAdvisor to accept the financial award on the Financial Aid Checklist. Students MUST accept the awards to use the funds to pay for tuition/fees as well as for charging books and supplies at the college bookstore. Students will be able to charge books and supplies one week prior to the start date of classes and through the census date.

Students awarded financial aid prior to payment deadlines will have their tuition and fees deducted from their financial aid award. Students will be responsible for any balances due after all financial aid has been exhausted. Any unused balances from financial aid funds will be credited to the student’s Bank Mobile account issued to all students by the Business Office. All financial aid credit balances will be disbursed within 14 days from the census date of each enrollment period.

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