Changes in Student Schedule

Prior to registering for classes, students should carefully plan a schedule that follows their degree plan. When it is necessary to add and/or drop courses during the registration period, students can make these changes online; however, students cannot drop developmental or co-requisite courses during this period without the assistance of an Advisor. After the registration period ends, course changes must be processed through an Advisor.

Withdrawal from All Classes

Students planning to withdraw from the College must see an Advisor. Students officially withdrawing from all classes will be assigned the status of “WX” so that these drops will not count against the six drop limit. Withdrawal is not considered official unless it is initiated by the student. Should a student be unable to meet with an Advisor, a written statement as to the reasons for the decision to withdraw must be submitted to the Admissions and Records Office.

Withdrawal from a Class

Student planning to officially withdraw from a class after the registration period ends can drop a class online or see an Advisor. The following guidelines determine grades for an official withdrawal:

  1. When a student withdraws before Census day (as indicated on the College Calendar), the course will not appear on the student’s permanent record.
  2. When a student withdraws after Census day (as indicated on the College Calendar) but before “W” day, a grade of “W” will appear on the student’s permanent record.

Instructor-Initiated Drop

When, in the judgment of the instructor, a student has been absent enough times so that it is unlikely the outcomes of the course will be achieved, the instructor may drop the student by notifying the Admissions and Records Office. The Admissions and Records Office will then notify the student that he/she has been dropped from the course. The student will receive a grade of “W” for that course.

Six Drop Rule

By State law, all students enrolling for the first time at any Texas public college or university after Fall 2007 will be limited to six course withdrawals (drops) during their academic career. Drops include those initiated by students or faculty and withdrawals from courses at other Texas public institutions. This policy does not apply to courses dropped prior to census day or complete withdrawals from the college. Students should fully understand this drop limit before dropping any courses. Students having questions regarding the Six Drop Rule should see an Advisor. For more information on the six drop rule, see TEC 51.907.

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