Class Attendance

Students are required to attend and participate in every session of all classes for which they are registered. Regular attendance is a critical component to being successful in courses. Attendance guidelines are outlined in each course syllabus. Students should consult with their instructors when it is necessary to miss a class. COM recognizes no excused absences other than those prescribed by law: religious holy days and military service. For more information see FC (Legal).

NOTE: Students who have not attended class or have not signed in to their online class by Census Day will automatically be dropped from their class. Census dates for each semester can be found under the Academic Calendar section of the catalog.


COM allows students 65 years of age or older to audit academic credit courses on a space available basis. Students wishing to audit a course should contact the course instructor. The instructor will contact the Admissions and Records Office to authorize course registration. The tuition and fees for class audit will be waived for up to six credit hours per semester. Students who audit classes will not receive a course grade and will not be eligible to petition for credit.

Records Placed on Hold

Students who have not cleared all outstanding obligations will have a hold placed on their student records. Such action will prohibit future registration or the release of official student records for any purpose.

Retention of Records

Transcripts and other records submitted by applicants not registering for the semester indicated on the application for admissions are kept for a period of 90 days in the Admissions and Records Office. After 90 days, these records are destroyed unless the applicant has notified the Admissions and Records Office expressing a continued interest in attending COM. Records become property of the College and are not returned to the student.

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