Course/Program Fees

Art, Ceramics, Painting, Photography, Drawing, Sculpture $20.00/course
Basic Peace Officer Academy (Equip fee) $300.00/student
Child Development/Education (lab/field experience fee) $10.00/course
Cosmetology Lab Fee $20.00/course
Cosmetology (Texas Dept. of Licensing and Regulations) $25.00/program
Distance Education Internet $35.00/course
Distance Education Hybrid $25.00/course
EMS (clinical fee EMSP 1260) $75.00/student
EMS (clinical fee EMSP 2168, EMSP 2561) $150.00/course
EMS Malpractice Fee (EMSP 1260, EMSP 2168, EMSP 2169, EMSP 2561) $16.00
EMS Supplies Fee (EMSP 1260) $180.00
Music Individual Instruction Fee $80.00/1 credit hr./semester; $160.00/2 credit hr./semester
Science Lab Fee $20.00/science lab course
AWS Entry Level Welder Exam Fee for WLDG 1435 $15.00
AWS Advanced Level Welding Exam Fee for WLDG 2413 $15.00
Welding Lab Fee $200.00/course
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