TSI Not Met

Information for Those Not Meeting TSI

Students whose TSI or TSI alternative scores are below the established standard must meet with an advisor to determine the appropriate college prep course placement in the area(s) of need or referral to the College Success Academy.

During fall, spring, and summer semesters, all students who are not TSI eligible are required to enroll in college prep courses until the TSI standards are met. Beginning in 2018, summer will be one 10-week semester. Beginning Fall, 2017, all college prep courses, with the exception of a few stand-alone courses, will be a co-requisite with a higher level college prep course or a transferrable college credit course in the same discipline (English or Math). The co-requisite plan is not optional for students whose pathways require college level English or Math courses.  (See the Co-requisite Plan below.) 

  • Before a student can withdraw from a college prep course, the student must meet with an advisor. Withdrawing from a co-requisite college prep course will automatically withdraw the student from the higher level college prep course or the college credit course.
  • Students receiving a grade of “D,” “F,” or “W” in a college prep course will be required to meet with an advisor before registering for the next semester.
  • Students with a grade below C or withdrawn from the same college prep course for the second time will be limited to six credit hours for any future semester. Within the six credit hour limit, students who are not TSI  eligible will be required to register for college prep courses first. After successfully completing the college prep course with a C or better, students will be permitted to register for more than six credit hours.
  • The academic progress of all students will be monitored through a local GPA that includes both credit and college prep courses. (The official GPA does not include college prep courses.)

Co-requisite Plan 

The  co-requisite plan is an accelerated learning program, wherein students who test as unprepared for college level work will be placed into the appropriate college prep course AND a college level, credit bearing English or Math course or, depending on the scores, a higher level college prep course. The two courses are co-requisites taught during the same semester, ideally back-to-back with the same instructor teaching both. This is proven to be a highly successful model wherein students are simultaneously exposed to college level material and given the opportunity to build the skills required to master that material. The co-requisite model makes it possible for students who are not TSI eligible to achieve transferrable college credit their first semester or at least, reduce the time they can take a transferrable college credit course by one semester. All co-requisite students will be supported by supplemental instruction and intense tutoring. 

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