Students completing an Associate of Arts (AA) degree at COM will meet the following requirements:

  1. Completion of a minimum of 60 semester credit hours that may be comprised of courses from the core curriculum, institutional  requirements, and Fields of Study.
  2. Maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average (GPA). Only credit-bearing College of the Mainland courses will be used to calculate a GPA.
  3. Completion of last 15 credit hours toward this degree at COM, with the exception of reverse transfer.
  4. Satisfy TSI liability.

Total hours for Associate of Arts Degree: 60 Credits

Music courses run in sequence and should be taken, as recommended, certain music courses are not offered every semester. Academic courses such as English, History, Government, Speech, and Natural Science are offered all year and may be taken during any semester. Associate of Arts Degree will transfer for a Bachelor of Music Degree, with majors in performance, music education, music theory, and music composition or music literature. This degree does not include all of the College of the Mainland Core Curriculum classes and a student transferring to a 4 year university will be required to complete all Core Curriculum classes.

Associate of Arts - Music

Program Description: College of the Mainland Music Program offers an Associate of Arts with a Field of Study in Music. The courses in this degree will give the student a thorough knowledge of music theory, development of piano skills, and the ability to do music dictation as well as perform in one on the many musical ensembles. Private instruction on the students chosen instrument will also be included. For members of the community not seeking a degree they can participate in the music ensembles and enrich their musical abilities in class piano or class guitar or private instruction as well as enroll in music appreciation classes.

Full-Time Student Schedule

Plan of Study Grid
Semester #1Semester Credit Hours
MUSI 1311 Music Theory I 3
MUSI 1116 Sight Singing & Ear Training I 1
MUAPApplied Major Instrument 2
MUENEnsemble 1
MUSI 1181 Class Piano I 1 1
PSYC 1300
Psychology for Success
or Psychology for Success
ENGL 1301 Composition I 3
PHED 1164 Introduction to Physical Fitness and Wellness 1
 Semester Credit Hours15
Semester #2
MUSI 1312 Music Theory II 3
MUSI 1117 Sight Singing & Ear Training II 1
MUAPApplied Major Instrument 2
MUENEnsemble 1
MUSI 1182 Class Piano II 1
MUSI 1307 Music Literature 3
ENGL 1302 Composition II 3
SPCH 1315
Public Speaking
or Interpersonal Communication
 Semester Credit Hours17
Semester #3
MUSI 2311 Music Theory III 3
MUSI 2116 Sight Singing & Ear Training III 1
MUAPApplied Major Instrument 2
MUENEnsemble 1
MUSI 2181 Class Piano III 1
HIST 1301 U S History I 3
GOVT 2305 Federal Government Constitution & Topics 3
 Semester Credit Hours14
Semester #4
MUSI 2312 Music Theory IV 3
MUSI 2117 Sight Singing & Ear Training IV 1
MUAPApplied Major Instrument 2
MUENEnsemble 1
MUSI 2182 Class Piano IV 1
HIST 1302 U S History II 3
GOVT 2306 Texas Government 3
 Semester Credit Hours14
 Total Semester Credit Hours60
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