2023-2024 Catalog Updates

Change Date Area Item Change Made
4/5/2023 Headers/Cover Page Headers/Cover Page Updated Headers and Cover Page
4/6/2023 Degrees and Programs Meta Majors Removed Drafting/Added Radiologic Technology
4/11/2023 Course Descriptions Additions Added ITSC 2331, ITSC 2335 and ITSE 1302
4/11/2023 Course Descriptions MUAP 11106, MUAP 1110, MUAP 1114, MUAP 1118, MUAP 1122, MUAP 1125, MUAP 1126 Removed CPT score in description.
5/18/2023 Getting Started Former Student, High School/GED Graduate, Individual Approval, Transfer Student Shortened Hyperlink
5/18/2023 Student Information Changes Hyperlink Removed hyperlink from "Student Information Change Form" and referred to https://www.com.edu/admissions/academic-records.html link which appears at the end of the paragraph.
7/28/2023 Tuition and Fee Sachedule Total in District/Total Out of District/Total Our of State Tuition and Fees Corrected Processing Fee for 8 credit hours
9/12/2023 Radiologic Technology Pending Approval Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commision on Colleges has approved the program. The pending approval statement has been removed.
09/28/2023 Memberships NASPA Removed from list
2/15/2024 Tuition and Fee Schedule Title Updated to read 203-2024 Schedule of Tuition and Fees
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