2022-2023 Catalog Updates

Change Date Area Item Change Made
4/13/22 Academic Calendar Fall 2022 Payment Deadline Payment deadline changed to 6/13/22
4/27/22 Criminal Justice AA Science Selections Science selections for the Criminal Justice AA will be GEOL 1447, PHYS 1403 or PHYS 1404 in semester 3 and semester 4.
4/28/22 Course Descriptions COSC 1336 Updated to LECTURE 3, LAB 0.
5/9/222 Course Descriptions MATH 1332 This course is transferable. Statement noting not transferable was removed.
5/9/22 Grades I Contract Updated criteria for I contract.
5/13/22 Business Entrepreneurship Certificate Removed BUSI 2304, now 21 credit hour certificate
6/17/22 Academic Calendar Fall 2022 2nd 8-Week Census Date Date corrected
7/28/22 Basic Peace Officer Academy Basic Peace Officer Academy Updated contact hours on information page and moved program under Criminal Justice
7/29/22 Academic Calendar Changed FA2022 fee payment deadline to final deadline Changed from June 13 to Aug. 5
7/29/22 Academic Calendar Fee payment deadline Included the deadline to register online for each term.
8/1/22 Academic Calendar Spring Holiday Corrected date
8/1/22 Academic Calendar Fall 2022 1st 8-Week Session Grades Due Added deadline
8/15/22 Academic Calendar Fall 2022 Grades Created separate deadline for graduate grades
8/29/22 Nursing RN to BSN Updated degree plan
8/29/22 Medical Assisting Enrollment Information Full-time enrollment only.
9/1/22 Admissions Student Information Change Form Corrected link
9/21/22 Programs A-Z Health Information Management CERT2, AAS Completely Online
10/21/22 Programming Occupational Skills Award - SQL Server Database Fundamentals Removed "This award provides the student with the ability to earn the Microsoft Technology Associate Certification for SQL Server"
10/25/22 Academic Calendar Fee payment deadline for SP2023 and SU2023 Listed dates
2/22/23 Veterans Trademark Added attribution notice to bottom of page
3/29/2022 Testing TSIA2 Exemptions Updated ACT Information
3/29/2022 Testing TSI Met Updated the college prep course valid period wording to twenty-four
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