COM’s Police Department provides 24/7 security for College facilities and assistance to students, visitors, faculty and staff. COM Police Department officers regularly patrol campus parking lots and provide the following services:

  • Traffic and law enforcement
  • Emergency medical intervention
  • Motorist assistance
  • Crime prevention awareness
  • Safety related issues oversight
  • Security escorts
  • Disaster and emergency management

For any emergency on campus, dial 599 from any College telephone. For non-emergency matters, dial 8403. The Police Department can be reached at 409-933-8403 or 888-258-8859, ext. 8403, from non-campus telephones. For more information, see the Campus Police webpage at

Traffic and Parking Regulations

For information regarding traffic and parking regulations see  

Smoking/Tobacco Products

Smoking or using tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes or vaporizing devices, is not permitted on COM property except in personal vehicles. Citations will be issued to violators.