Finding the Right Program for You

College of the Mainland offers a number of ways for students to begin their educational pathways, and it is important for students to understand the differences between these pathways before beginning their journey.

Students at COM have the opportunity to earn certificates and degrees in academic transfer areas (for students who want to transfer to a university to earn a bachelor’s degree) as well as workforce trades for those who want to go directly into the workplace upon completion of their award. The degree plans for each certificate and degree are presented in this catalog organized for full-time students and, where applicable, for part-time students. These plans inform the student with regard to exactly which courses need to be completed and in what optimal order.

To assist students in choosing their pathway, College of the Mainland offers academic and workforce programs grouped into six meta-majors. A meta-major is a collection of academic or workforce programs that have common or related content.


Meta-majors at COM include:

  • Academic Transfer Programs
  • Business and Computer Technologies
  • Human Service Careers
  • Industrial Careers
  • Nursing and Allied Health Careers
  • Public Service Careers

Each metamajor (as listed above) offers multiple programs (certificates and degrees) from which the student may choose. Students should study the degree plans offered on the following pages to determine their preferred educational pathway, and they should adhere closely to the degree plan so as to avoid taking unnecessary courses which will not count toward their degree. 

College of the Mainland seeks to serve all students effectively, and it is hoped that students will find in the following pages a program that meets their needs and career ambitions.