Current High School Student - Collegiate High School Student

Collegiate High School (CHS) is a program for high school students who want to start college early but still want to be involved with clubs and activities at their home high school. Students attend their full school day at COM, but they are still enrolled at their regular high school campus. CHS’s mission is to help high school students in their transition to college and to prepare them for exciting careers. Supported by COM, public school districts, and local business and industry, students use college classes to satisfy their high school graduation requirements and to get a head start on their college degree.

High school instruction in core academic areas is also offered. Work-based activities, career mentoring, and a variety of other activities are offered to challenge these exceptional students.

To be admitted as a Collegiate High School student, students must:

Step 1 - HS Counselor

Meet with high school counselor to discuss Collegiate High School program and to determine if Collegiate High School is an appropriate pathway.  Students not attending participating high schools may contact the CHS office directly.

Step 2 - Apply

Apply online at the ApplyTexas website.  There is no charge to apply.

Step 3 - Pre-Assessment

Take a pre-assessment to be eligible to take the TSI exam and print the pre-assessment certificate and give to the testing center.

Step 4 - Academic Testing


Math                  3501

Reading             351

Writing               340 and Essay of 4

SAT scores2: EBRW scores of 480 or higher. A mathematics of 530 or higher is required to enroll in college level math.

ACT scores2: English score of 19 or higher. A mathematics score of 19 or higher is required to enroll in college level math. 

End of Course (STAAR EOC) minimum score of 4000 on Level II of English II, TSI met for Reading and Writing

PSAT Evidence Based Reading Writing (EBRW)  score 460

Step 5 - CHS Application

Complete a separate application to CHS (available from the high school counselor, the CHS web page, or the CHS office.

Step 6 - Recommendations

Obtain recommendations from their high school.

Step 7 - Essay

Write an essay on why they should be accepted into CHS.

Step 8-Interview

Be interviewed by the CHS Director.

Step 9 - Meningitis    

Provide proof of bacterial meningitis vaccination. Vaccination must be taken at least 10 days prior to the first day of class. Documentation should be submitted to the Admissions and Records Office. For additional information on this requirement visit our website at

Step 10 - Orientation

CHS students are required to attend CHS orientation.

Step 11 - Register

Meet with the CHS Advisor or CHS Director for registration.

Step 12 - Payment    

COM waives 40 percent of CHS students’ tuition and fees.

Step 13 - Textbooks

A textbook library is also available exclusively to CHS students.

Step 14 - Student ID

Students wishing to utilize the college facilities (i.e., library, gym, testing, computer labs, etc.) will need to obtain a Student ID. Go to the Gym after paying for the first semester of classes to get a free ID card.

Step 15 - Parking Permit

A parking permit should be displayed on each automobile parked at any COM campus. Parking permits are available in the Campus Police office at no cost. Students will fill out a brief application and will need their vehicle license plate number(s). A current student ID card or state issued picture ID is required to receive a parking permit. A fine will be imposed on any student who fails to comply with parking regulations.

Step 16 - COM Email

Go to to set up an official COM email account. Official communication from the College to the student is sent through this email account.

Step 17 - Attend

Attendance at all classes is required.  Contact the instructor if unable to attend class. Contact information is available in the course syllabus.

Step 18 - Connect

Attend club kickoff. Join a study group. Go to professor’s office during office hours. Join a club or organization. Build connections on campus and have fun!

Need Assistance?

For more information, students may contact their high school counselor and/or call the Collegiate High School Office at 409-933-8169 or visit the website.

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