Business Administration

The Business Administration Program is designed to give students a substantial business background that can be applied to any industry from entrepreneurial start-ups to large corporate offices. The student will receive a broad foundation in understanding business organization, and gain basic management, computer, accounting, and marketing skills. The student will also have the opportunity to choose the area of emphasis from accounting, entrepreneurship, marketing, or management. The student may choose to complete a certificate or an Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) degree.


The Accounting Program provides students with skills and knowledge necessary to manage and keep track of an organization’s money and financial records. The AAS in Business (with emphasis in Accounting), consists of all the courses required for students who wish to have a career in accounting.

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Business education, with emphasis on entrepreneurship, helps entrepreneurs avoid common mistakes that keep many small businesses from succeeding. This option will provide the basic knowledge needed to start a new business or manage and grow a small business successfully.

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The management option enables the student to move into a variety of entry-level management positions in the fields of sales, advertising, human resources, office management and other related areas.

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Marketing is a rapidly growing field, and an estimated 33% of all jobs in the United States involve performing some marketing activities. An emphasis in marketing will prepare the student with basic marketing skills and strategies.

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