Placement through Testing

Placement decisions for enrollment in a degree program are determined by scores on the ACT, SAT, TSI Assessment, or successful completion of specific courses taken at an approved college or university. Scores are used to determine appropriate courses or areas where additional preparation may be required and/or advised for the student. If a student’s diagnostic scores indicate a need for developmental courses, most courses in the curriculum are closed to that student; therefore, it is important that the diagnostic measures be taken seriously. Individuals with reading, writing and mathematical deficiencies must achieve basic skills by taking developmental courses continuously until all basic skill requirements are met.

Students transferring from a Texas state-supported institution into programs with TSI requirements must provide an official transcript indicating they have satisfied TSI requirements at a previously attended institution.

The TSI status of a student transferring from private or “out-of-state” institutions shall be determined by the student’s intent for continuous enrollment at COM and by courses completed at the private or out-of-state institution. The TSI may be required prior to enrolling at COM.

Responsibility rests with the student for ensuring that all necessary materials are submitted for admission.

Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requires each public institution of higher education to assess basic skills of entering college students in reading, writing, and mathematics unless the student qualifies for an exemption. This initiative is designed to assess student readiness for college-level work in reading, writing and mathematics and to provide information used to identify appropriate interventions that will improve the skills of students who are not prepared for college-level course work. The TSI requires that all students provide evidence that success in college is predictable.

Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment

Students entering COM must have appropriate assessment scores or be assessed on a state-approved test (TSI) in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics. It is used for placement into both developmental and college-level courses. Placement tables for college-level courses are available in the Testing Center. The TSI includes multiple-choice questions that are aligned to the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards. COM’s Testing Center administers the TSI Assessment for a fee. The TSI Assessment is administered as published in the schedule available online at www.com.edu/testing-center or in the Testing Center. Please refer to the Testing Calendar at: www.com.edu/testing-center for testing days and times. After completing the TSI, students may see an advisor for TSI Assessment interpretation.

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